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And now we continue with Alperton History!


Accession 14.11.15. Heather Park Open Space. The story of the last 1,200 years. Please select the last page.


Accession: 1.2.14 Origin of the name Alperton.

Accession: 18.1.13 For an excellent historical collection of articles and pictures on the full length of the Paddington Arm go to:



Accession: 21.12.12 I am extremely grateful to John Barnard for finding the 1939 British Pathe news clip for IRA damage to the North Circular Road aqueduct. Run as 'Stills' for loadsa detail!


The history of Alperton is covered in Geoffrey Hewlett's 1979 History of Wembley. Although out of print it should be available through your local Library's lending service. It is the publication I go to first if I want to check any aspect.


A social history of Wembley which includes a lot about Alperton is Derek Addison and Tony Rock's Memories of Wembley - growing up in the 1940s and 50s. This popular book was published in March 2011 with a second printing in September 2012. Apply through contact@oldalpertonians.org.uk


This is a 'build as you go' website. Articles about any kind of history will be placed on this website. All I ask is that they are reasonably serious in content. They should interest anyone with a quest for knowledge about Alperton's past. And as far as I am concerned yesterday is already history. What you will not find is News. There are plenty of other sites for that.